Official: Important note to Nokia 7.2 users using Dual SIM model with one SIM disabled

Nokia 7.2

Nokia Mobile has found a critical bug in the Android 10 release for Nokia 7.2 which may apply to you! Apparently, if you use the dual SIM variant of the Nokia 7.2, and you have disabled either of the SIM cards from the system settings, then your phone may not start correctly and keep rebooting after a period of time, eventually going into the Recovery Mode and prompting a factory reset.

Community announcement

Nokia Mobile has issued an official announcement on the issue. While they’re working on fixing the issue, a workaround is available. You do not need to perform a factory reset. If you have already updated to Android 10; and you are affected, please follow the steps below:

Affected users:

If your use case matches all the 3 points:

  1. You have a Dual SIM Nokia 7.2 (suspected TA-1196 or TA-1193)
  2. You have inserted 2 SIM cards
  3. You have disabled one of the SIM cards from the device settings

You will not be affected if you have only inserted 1 SIM on your phone; or if you are actively using both of your SIM cards.

What you should do if you are affected?

  • Option 1: Remove the inactive SIM card (if you are not using it)
    1. Turn off your phone
    2. Remove the inactive SIM card
    3. Restart the phone and everything should be ok.
  • Option 2: Enable the inactive SIM card (if you need to use it – take not of data/connectivity charges, especially if you are roaming)
    1. Select “Try Again” in the recovery mode.
    2. Go to “Settings” > “Network & Internet” > “SIM cards”, and enable the disabled SIM card
    3. Reboot the phone

The bug can also result in the postponement of the further delivery of Android 10 updates to the dual-SIM devices.

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